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Enrollment Seminars for 2018-2019

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Main Theater
Grades 7-8

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Main Theater
Grades 9-12

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Main Theater
Grades 7-8

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Main Theater
Grades 9-12




The Dance Department at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School provides a comprehensive education that recognizes the need for specialized training in the various genres of dance, while at the same time acknowledging the need for the training skills and conditioning that form a strong foundation needed to pursue any dance form.

Health Science and the Arts

Health Science and the Arts is an exciting major designed to offer students an in-depth exploration of careers within the health profession. This major extends learning beyond the classroom and provides a professional look into careers such as nursing, medicine, paramedics, firefighting, athletic training, nutrition coaching and athletic coaching. Students in this major will be expected to strive for excellence while being exposed to strong academic content and specific Health Science courses.

Literary Arts

The Literary Arts Department at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School develops the skills of young writers in a variety of disciplines and genres, including poetry, drama, fiction, screenwriting and creative nonfiction. Through intensive study of great works, essential concepts and best practices, as well as a diverse array of writing assignments, students hone their craft in a supportive and challenging environment.

Media Arts

The LPPACS Media Arts Department creates a learning environment through instruction and real-world hands-on application that will educate and challenge students to develop their talents beyond the traditional classroom in the design, production and finishing of media arts projects.


Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School’s Music Department provides a comprehensive education to the aspiring young musician by setting high artistic standards while broadening musical horizons. Students gain the educational, social, and emotional foundation necessary to embark on successful, professional careers as artists.


The Theatre Department serves a variety of students by including three different areas of study: Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. Within each of these programs, students will learn about and practice theatre arts, developing skills in a working professional environment. Students will have the opportunity to be involved in Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center performances, which will help educate, inspire, and broaden their interests.

Pre-Law and the Arts

The Pre-Law and the Arts Department at Lincoln Park provides a challenging learning enviroment for students looking to broaden their skills in speaking, writing, critical thinking research. Though this innovative curriculum, students will develop talents to help them succeed in their post-secondary education and beyond.

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is dedicated to providing student-centered service in a professional and compassionate manner. The school utilizes a highly-trained and committed staff, which includes a number of professional artists. Students at LPPACS benefit from individualized educational strategies, tailored to each student's needs, interests and abilities, and designed to empower every student to succeed.

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