Athletics Director

Mike Bariski

At Lincoln Park, the field of athletics is very important for students. Sports aid in the growth and development of a teenager’s mind and body. Athletics at Lincoln Park encompasses a variety of competitive options for both male and female students.

Students that participate on a sports team learn to represent their community, while showing good sportsmanship. By participating in athletics, students gain an understanding of leadership, time management, teamwork and cooperation. Not only do athletes have to show their talents in their sport of choice, but they have to demonstrate their knowledge in the classroom as well. At Lincoln Park, we strive to create well-rounded student-athletes.

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is dedicated to providing student-centered service in a professional and compassionate manner. The school utilizes a highly-trained and committed staff, which includes a number of professional artists. Students at LPPACS benefit from individualized educational strategies, tailored to each student's needs, interests and abilities, and designed to empower every student to succeed.

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