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Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

Department of Health Science and the Arts

Mike Bariski

Department Director
Mike Bariski

Mission Statement

Health Science and the Arts is an exciting major designed to offer students an in-depth exploration of careers within the health profession. This major extends learning beyond the classroom and provides a professional look into careers such as nursing, medicine, paramedics, firefighting, athletic training, nutrition coaching and athletic coaching. Students in this major will be expected to strive for excellence while being exposed to strong academic content and specific Health Science courses.

Course of Study

Health Science classes combine lectures, a technology-based curriculum and practical activities that cover the anatomical, physiological and psychological study of the human body. Each class is designed to teach students the basics of the various health science fields; the importance of maintaining good health; and the ways in which health science can be important to performers in artistic disciplines. These are exciting classes that will prepare students for a variety of possible careers, and will inspire them to keep their bodies healthy and maintain wellness throughout their lives.


The Health Science and the Arts Faculty includes professionals with years of experience in athletic training, sports medicine, nutrition and coaching. These faculty members will guide students through Health Science courses and prepare them for a wide range of post-secondary options.

Courses Offered Include:

  • Anatomy 1
  • Anatomy 2
  • Wellness and Nutrition
  • First Aid and Safety
  • Performance Psychology
  • Rules of the Games
  • Prevention and Care of Injuries
  • Movement and Dance Dynamics
  • Diseases and Disorders of the Systems
  • Human Sexuality
  • Performance and Fitness Improvement