Students who are interested in attending Lincoln Park Performing Arts School normally go through a three-step process. They visit the school with their families at an Enrollment Seminar. They must choose an arts major – Music, Theatre, Media Arts, Literary Arts, Dance or Health Sciences and the Arts. Finally, they are evaluated in that major to gain admission to the school.

This process usually takes place during the second semester of the school year, to prepare for the fall semester at LPPACS. For more information about how the enrollment process works, please review our Enrollment Guide.

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is dedicated to providing student-centered service in a professional and compassionate manner. The school utilizes a highly-trained and committed staff, which includes a number of professional artists. Students at LPPACS benefit from individualized educational strategies, tailored to each student's needs, interests and abilities, and designed to empower every student to succeed.

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