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Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

Enrollment Guide

If you're interested in being considered for admission to Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, here is a simple guide to how the process works:

Sign up for an Enrollment Seminar.

Enrollment Seminars for the fall term begin in January. These seminars are open to all prospective students and their families. They offer a chance to tour the school, and talk with Lincoln Park teachers and administrators, so that all your questions can be answered. Dates for these Enrollment Seminars will be posted here.

Sign up for an Arts Evaluation.

If you like what you see and hear at the Enrollment Seminar, you can sign up at the end of the evening for an Arts Evaluation. These evaluations are usually conducted within two to four weeks after you sign up. (You'll need time to prepare!) And if you're still undecided at the end of the Enrollment Seminar, you can also call to set up an evaluation time later.

You will need to choose one arts major in which to be evaluated. We know that many students are outstanding in more than one arts area, but students must choose the area in which they feel they'll have the best chance of being successful. (There's a practical reason for this – if we evaluated students in multiple arts areas, we'd never have time to do anything else.)

Each arts department conducts its own evaluations. They all have different requirements – for example, the music, theatre and dance evaluations are based largely on your performance at an evaluation, while literary arts and media evaluations are centered around a portfolio of your work – but every department scores candidates on a universal rubric.

View the evaluation requirements for each department.

Watch how-to videos that will help you prepare for arts evaluations in each department.

Wait to be notified.

This is the difficult part. There are always more students interested in attending LPPACS than there are spots available, and the number of students who want to attend increases every year. So it takes time for each department to evaluate its prospective students, and it also takes time for all the departments to decide how to apportion the available spots for new students.

Generally, all prospective new students are notified sometime in May whether they have been accepted to LPPACS for the fall term. We make every effort to give students and their families a timely response, but our first commitment is to insuring that every prospective student has a fair and thorough evaluation.

Ask questions.

Throughout the evaluation process, we encourage your questions. All members of our arts and academic departments, as well as our administrative team, are accessible and ready to answer any queries you may have. If you have additional questions about charter schools and what makes them different from other public schools, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.