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Is there any charge for my child to attend Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School?

No. Lincoln Park is a public charter school, which means that, like other public schools, it is free of charge to attend. There is no tuition or any other fee to attend the school.

My child lives outside Beaver County. Can he or she still attend Lincoln Park?

Yes. Lincoln Park is a charter school, which is open to any Pennsylvania student – not just those from Beaver County. We have students who attend the school from several different counties, and nearly 80 different school districts.

Will you transport my child to Lincoln Park?

Yes. Unlike most other charter schools, Lincoln Park has a comprehensive transportation plan which is free and available to every student.

Students whose home school district is within a 10-mile radius of Lincoln Park(Beaver, Lincoln Park, Central Valley, Hopewell, Midland, Lincoln Park, Western Beaver) are bussed to Lincoln Park by their district, free of charge.

For those students who live outside the 10-mile radius, Lincoln Park contracts with Rhodes Transit, a private company, to provide free bus service to and from school. Parents are responsible for transporting the students to and from one of several hubs each day. Rhodes Transit will pick students up at these hubs and drop them off there after school.

Is Lincoln Park a “normal high school”?

That depends on your definition of “normal”! As a public school, Lincoln Park must meet all required state guidelines – including things like standard graduation requirements, senior projects, taking standardized tests, and demonstrating Adequate Yearly Progress, based on PSSA results (which the school has done each year). There is a lunch program (including free and reduced lunch), a discipline policy and a dress code – all fairly routine.

The ways in which Lincoln Park is by no means normal include the school’s commitment to a world-class arts education; its determination to build creative thinking and problem-solving skills; its incredible facilities; and the general atmosphere of the school, which is both welcoming and supportive while extremely challenging.

What is the difference between Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School and Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center?

The easiest way to explain this is to consider the center first. It is a world-class arts facility which operates year-round, bringing a variety of concerts, musicals, plays, exhibits, guest speakers and other notable events to Midland.

Many organizations use the center for these arts events. The entity which uses the center more than any other is the charter school, which is the primary tenant in the center. So while the school and the center might seem like the same thing, they are separate entities. What they have in common, besides shared space, is a shared vision of artistic excellence for Midland, Beaver County, Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Why does my child have to be evaluated to get into Lincoln Park?

Each student who wants to attend Lincoln Park must be evaluated in one of the six areas of study (Music, Theatre, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Dance and Health Sciences and the Arts). Many more students want to attend Lincoln Park than there is space to accommodate – so these evaluations ensure that the available spots each year go to the most deserving students.

Each department has its own criteria for admission, but all departments use a standard rubric to evaluate students’ skill and experience. For more information, visit the Enrollment tab.

Can my child be evaluated in more than one arts discipline?

No. While we recognize that many students have talent in more than one arts area, it would simply take too long for us to evaluate students in more than one discipline. Therefore, we ask that prospective students choose to be evaluated in the discipline in which they feel most confident.

Does my child have to be evaluated every year?

No. Once students have been accepted into Lincoln Park, they do not need to be re-evaluated. However, students will be expected to show improvement from year to year, and this growth is often reflected in students’ grades.

Do students ever leave Lincoln Park?

Yes. The most common reasons students leave Lincoln Park are that they miss their friends from their home district, or that their daily commute is too long. These are legitimate reasons for leaving the school, and we understand that they will cause students to leave occasionally.

However, it is important to note that Lincoln Park is a school of choice. Any student may leave at any time, for any reason. That gives us a powerful incentive to try to retain our students, by being as sensitive to their individual needs as possible. And given that the vast majority of our students stay with us throughout their high school careers, we believe we are meeting their needs effectively. Our annual retention rate, which is usually above 95 percent, is the best proof of this we can offer.

Where do Lincoln Park students go to college?

Our graduates go on to attend some of the nation’s best colleges. Some continue to study the art of their choice, while others pursue careers in a variety of professions, including law, medicine, psychology, biology and education.

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is dedicated to providing student-centered service in a professional and compassionate manner. The school utilizes a highly-trained and committed staff, which includes a number of professional artists. Students at LPPACS benefit from individualized educational strategies, tailored to each student's needs, interests and abilities, and designed to empower every student to succeed.

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