Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is overseen by an administrative team with decades of professional education experience. However, all of these administrators are committed to using their experience to reshape public education through the charter school model. This combination of veteran savvy and commitment to innovation is one of the many qualities that make the school unique.

The school’s charter is held by the Midland Borough School District. Lincoln Park is overseen by a board of directors and a chief executive officer, and its day-to-day leadership is provided by its principal and Dean of Academics. Each arts department at the school has its own director, and these six individuals also serve as part of the senior leadership of the school.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month. There is a Work Session that begins at 5:30 p.m. The regular board meeting follows at 6:00 p.m. in the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center’s third-floor conference room.

Board of Directors
  • Chris Shovlin, President
  • Scott Portonova, Vice-President
  • Phil Orend, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth A. Douglas
  • Richard Grimes
  • Nora Ambrosio
  • Mark Riggio
  • Kimberly Jonas, Secretary to the Board
Senior Management
  • P.K. Poling, CEO
  • Lindsay Rodgers, Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator
  • Holly Castelli, Dean of Academics
  • Jennifer Verba, Director of Dance
  • Mike Bariski, Director of Health Sciences and the Arts
  • Dan LeRoy, Director of Literary Arts
  • Cassandra Patten, Director of Media Arts
  • Melissa Holman, Director of Music
  • Tom Schaller, Director of Theatre

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School is dedicated to providing student-centered service in a professional and compassionate manner. The school utilizes a highly-trained and committed staff, which includes a number of professional artists. Students at LPPACS benefit from individualized educational strategies, tailored to each student's needs, interests and abilities, and designed to empower every student to succeed.

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