Lincoln Park Students Score High in Math Competitions

MIDLAND (Jan. 10, 2018) – For the second consecutive year, the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School Math Competition Club competed in the Global Math Challenge and, for the first time, in the MangaHigh Halloween Challenge.

As a group, the math club scored higher than the national average with 15 individual scores in the Global Math Challenge.

Patrick Erb-White, junior, placed third and Andrew Sirkoch, senior, placed fourth among the competitors in Pennsylvania.

“The Global Math Competition is a worldwide math competition where students compete online against students from nations all over the globe,” Math department chairperson Sarah Fusco said. 

According to Fucsko, the GMC contains questions created by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, which has been running premier math contests in its home country for more than 20 years.

Supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education, the Prime Math Olympics helps to draw out and enhance ability in mathematics. The GMC competitors are from all over the world, including the USA, China and Japan.

The Math Competition Club also competed this year in the MangaHigh Halloween Challenge. The Halloween Challenge is a national, online competition in which students compete to score the most points by solving the most math problems correctly.

“This competition lasted for 10 days with unlimited problems available to the students in a wide variety of mathematical topics,” Fucsko said.

Students who scored more than 150 points earned medals. Lincoln Park had two students earn medals: seniors Keely Shoup and Cody Nagle.